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About US

Prairie Building Systems

Charles Dyck is the owner of Prairie Building Systems, Inc., a family business, located near Hesston, Kansas. With our building industry experience, we are ready to put together a building package to fit your specific needs!

Charles is dedicated to project consultation, sales and overall customer satisfaction. He makes sure every detail of the project is communicated and handled in an efficient manner. Kyle helps see the projects through to completion as well as helping with the many other details of the business.

Prairie Building Systems, Inc. purchased Flaming Metal Systems, Inc., in October 2010 from Mel Flaming, adding their own experience to the 30+ years that Mel has been in business.



Our mission is doing our best to give you the kind of product you’ll be happy with.

Our motto is integrity, quality and efficiency

Our Services

Whether you’re looking to put up a new shop building on the farm or add a warehouse to your commercial operation, metal buildings from Prairie Building Systems, Inc. can take you from concept to construction faster.

When you need a new bin and augering system for your farming operation, you don’t have time to waste debating options. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can help you pick the right system for your operation so you can get back on the job quickly.

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